December 17, 2016 Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Tech

How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize the Tech Arena

What is AI to you? What’s the concept living in your mind? Here’s a little spoiler, AI, and the stuff you see in sci-fi Hollywood movies is not similar. Not by a mile! Machine Learning is a different thing. Gone are those days when we used to say that Artificial Intelligence will take over, Artificial Intelligence is here and It has taken over. Prior to this, we have come a long way down. At first, every program had to pass the Turing test. After it’s done with the Turing test, came the tit and tat of programming the machine to make it better. Now we have efficient AI programs to work with the finest minds of the century. It seems that AI is here to stay and the tech battleground is astonishingly embracing this technology. AI is here to change everything and soon we’ll be looking at the world in a whole new dimension. Even the tech arena! You can expect to see some new giants and some becoming former. Here is how it will change the Digital Playground (No pun intended).

Meet my new assistant! No, Not human, it’s a bot!

Scheduling, forwarding emails, replying to the uncomplicated ones, checking forecasts and many more tasks will no longer be our duty. There will be an intelligent bot for everything! Even about planning your friend’s birthday maybe? Who knows? Bots will make our life a lot easier and AI is surely going to help us focus on what we do best. Chatbots will be our new assistants and how it’s like to have an assistant? Ask us! It’s wonderful. Google Allo is somehow working on the same path of AI to become your one stop assistant.

There may not be any hacks!

Cyber Security will get a new friend. AI will surely be intelligent enough to prevent the breaches. An intelligent security system will have its eye all over the server and it will probably stop any incoming DDoS attack. Why there isn’t any intelligent security system? Because the job of creating one is complicated and need to AI to be more than just in its nascent form. There will be major changes in the mainstream patterns of these Cyber Security firms and we are probably going to safer systems and internet. Thanks to AI!

Unique industries will be seen!

AI is going to create millions of businesses and thousands of new industries! Some of the existing businesses will incorporate AI in their working mechanisms that will help them save money, energy, and manpower. For example, the website building industry is already changing its colors. There is a new fresh breed of startups that are claiming to be AI-powered chatbot lawyers like DoNotPay which have just launched. Other than this, AI will create new businesses in the customer service field, food business and it might change the way we look at online shopping as well.

Some will go down!

With the addition of some new players, we might be seeing a lot of the existing ones go home. The customer service business will be changed wholly and will have the manpower removed from itself. Stock predictions, the insurance industry, and brokerage firm will change their manifestos as well. Online learning portals (If they incorporate AI) will have become unique and they will be able to provide better, intelligent and smart learning.

Marketers Paradigm Shift!

Digital Marketing will be seen on a whole new paradigm. Intelligent machines will be able to generate intelligent content. There won’t be any SEO consultants and content doctors. We already have seen Growthbot giving you advice about your marketing activities. AI is efficient at data mining and it will be a plus for hitting the target market timely and accurately. Facebook adverts and AdSense will be seen on top of the AI marketing.

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