Developing a Chatbot? Here are 3 Best online tools to Start with!

The thing with chatbots is that they are so cute that we end up loving them instead of hating them like every other conspiracy theorist who thinks that the last sandwich he ate was a conspiracy as well. Well, chatbots are here to make a mark in our world and we should embrace this new technology developed for humans to excel. But since this chatbot revolution has started, everyone is feeling a little change in the scenario, we have started to think that if they are better they app? Of Course they are! That’s everybody is making them. Chatbot building is now an industry and everybody is trying to create one for themselves. The chatbot builders available on the internet do provide help at different levels. Some are just for developers while some have the “no coding skills required” pitch. When people who don’t have any coding skills usually think about creating a chatbot they get scared with all the coding stuff that is required to create one. They end up getting frustrated and usually quit the project. This scenario is the doppelganger of the website building case. But there are website designing platforms that provide easy tools so you can make your online presence easily, without writing a single line of code. A chatbot has many different ways to function in.  It usually depends on its type. Integration of these functions is the main part. These chatbot building platforms come when you are working on a chatbot. Some of them are really easy to use. Take a look!



Chatfuel is a chatbot building platform that develops chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Chatfuel is the easiest platform till date that provides step by step development without coding and with a great user-interface. You can add almost everything a usual messenger chatbot features, responses and simple hyperlinks too. It is one of the hottest tech topics this year and is actually helping people create their own chatbots.



Botsify is another chatbot builder that makes chatbots for facebook messenger. It is as easy as chatfuel. All you have to do is create a Facebook page of your bot and start writing the script! You can add images. links , gifs and lists in your responses as well. The only setback is that the integration is limited in free plan. You have to switch to a paid plan to get more of it.


Facebook Messenger Platform

Facebook Messenger Platform is Facebook’s own chatbot development platform that enable you to build a chatbot directly from their official page. Since it’s their own thing, you won’t have to switch to link to integrate stuff in your Messenger bot. They have a complete guide available on designing your chatbot so it’s not a problem.

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