December 26, 2016 Chatbots,, Tech

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Chatbots for All Your Chores

Do you ever feel the need for having someone to keep up with all your to-do lists? Someone to remind you about your niece’s birthday? Well, a nicely designed scheduling mobile app has been doing all this for you since long, but you never made jokes to it because it surely won’t talk to you. We have started to rely on machines for our daily tasks, but when we need someone to talk to, the machines are not good at it, and this is where bots step in. Bots are everywhere! They let us know about the weather forecasts; they remind us about our meetings, and they even tell us if it’s just a flu or something serious. Things get easy when you incorporate chatbots in your daily lives. Don’t believe us? Allow us to change your mind. Here are the reasons why you should hand over your chores to these cute little things we call bots!


They are not introverts, unlike humans!

We are living in an age of communication, believe it or not; millennials love to communicate, and bots are your partners in crime in this! You’ll get your work done with an exchange of some cool sentences. Unlike applications, chatbots are talkative and give you the experience of a real human-like conversation. Had a breakup? Ask Siri if she loves you!  Having a witty conversation with these chatbots can be refreshing for you. This level of interface they are providing justifies the term “Artificial Intelligence” because humans are intelligent, so can be chatbots. Make a witty statement while asking your bot about the new exchange rates, it will amaze you for sure.


They are efficient than most of the humans!

Humans make mistakes, bots don’t (If well-made). Whether it’s an e-mail you asked your bot to send or research on stock rates, it will do it efficiently and without a single mistake. You won’t have to face the consequences of sending the wrong email to your boss because if you’re using a bot, it will never forget in the first place! Some bots are efficient enough to send a bulk of emails to different recipients without any error. Clumsiness can step in again and again if you do everything all by yourself, but chatbots don’t know this word. They are not made to make mistakes. Having an efficient jack-of-all-trades is a treat. Isn’t it?


They save you money (A lot of it!)

If you are a business owner, then you should incorporate them in your work pattern. Hiring a personal assistant will cost you money but why should you hire an assistant when you can use bots for the same reason? They will do everything a personal assistant would, from booking your flight ticket to ordering your coffee. You’ll have everything covered up! They will complete all the tasks instantly, they won’t ask for extra time; they will do all the research accurately, and they won’t ask for a raise and the bonuses. Even if you have a customer setup, chatbots even are the best for customer service!


We are hopeful that we have given you a taste of the reasons to get excited about chatbots and use them in your daily life including your business and your professional life. Chatbots are the agents of simplification, and you can make the best of them. Have fun using them!

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