Chatbots for Native Content Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.


The chatbot rage in the tech industry is like an elephant. The first bite was the chatter part. Chatbots like Mitsuku and Jabberwacky made their respective places in the chatbot league but it did not stop there. The rage kept erupting and soon, the lava was all over the place. Soon, chatbots started to make a place of their own in almost every industry.


AI powered chatbots are becoming less popular than the scripted ones. They are taking over the whole customer service industry with their wit and efficiency. Chatbots are being incorporated in some unique playgrounds like website development and legal consultancy as well. However, we can see a common mindset about the chatbot industry that their incorporation on any level and innovation in the too-specific businesses is yet to be made. It’s not true. Why? Here’s how.


There are many business models that are predicted to have chatbots incorporated in their patterns. Businesses like native content and advertisement are getting their fair share of chatbots there are a few nuisances like spamming and blog commenting but the market is on its rise with these bots. Imagine that you are talking to a health advising chatbot and you tell it that you are having a headache it will get back to you with a link to an article identical to this “5 tips to prevent headaches” and the link will redirect you to a blog related to such issues. Have you addressed the elephant (No, we’re not obsessed with elephants) in the room? It will be paid. The entity behind the chatbot will get paid for showing the link to the blog. The native advertising is popular for its reputation of being better than the mainstream banner ads.


This scenario is pretty much identical to the Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate Marketing program introduced by Amazon and followed by other stores opened a new door for bloggers and many entrepreneurs. The reason why affiliate marketing is different from other types of marketing is that it is a performance-based genre in which a business or vendor gives one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. The more affiliates you get; more money you make. Affiliate Marketing has contributed more to the global entrepreneurial scene than most of the established business modules. Amazon leads the affiliate marketing industry and this blogger sweetheart marketplace allows people from all walks of life to start their own websites or blog with engaging content and drive a decent volume of traffic to their blog or websites. More connecting blogs and stories containing millions of documented facts and researches are floating around the web just because of this and information has never been more easily accessible before.


It became the butter and bread for many but even the affiliate marketing business is not safe from the chatbots. Similar to the native content business, chatbots will soon take over the affiliate marketing as well. The main reason is the convenience they provide to users. The concept of marketing in a conversational interface is flawless. We are addicted to conversing and this is USP (Unique Selling Point) of chatbots. You are talking to a food chatbot, the conversation is about making a sandwich and it replies with a link that will take you to a sandwich maker on Amazon. Isn’t it a win-win situation? The user is getting the solution, the chatbot is making money and the seller is going to have some dough as well. Even AI, sooner or later it is getting its hands on this industry. Automated Affiliate Marketing won’t need long hours of scrutinizing content and the sources. The intelligent program will be able to judge based on impressions, site visits, category, and organic reach of a blog or website and it will post the products itself.


Kips is a chatbot on Slack that uses such method to generate revenue and it is doing pretty good. is a big conglomerate of china and it incorporates a chatbot too! Yes, on WeChat you can find its chatbot. It is so easy that you can even pay right there (You’ll need an iPhone for that). It has a close ended interface but it falls in the category of chatbots. Kip is gaining popularity day by just because it connects you to your required product (even if you don’t wanna buy it in the first place). There will be and should be more chatbots working on this program because it will help the chatbot industry reach new heights and become more diversified and appealing for the investors.


Wait, we know what’s on your mind. If it’s going to kill this business for bloggers or not. Probably not, because the content is here to stay as well. The blogging business is reaching new heights and talking is not the only thing that we love! We like to read as well and if you’re thinking that chatbots and bloggers are going to be enemies, they are probably not.

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