Chatbots to Save the Day!

How do you think of bots? What are they? Applications? No. Think of chatbots as web applications. You don’t download them and you don’t install them either. Chatbots are getting really popular. Why? Because they are doing our tasks efficiently. Apps seem hectic if we compare them to the chatbots of their league.


Chatbots will change many business models and will be a useful tool for small business owners. Entrepreneurs will take advantage of this technology and it will help them excel. Even for the users, chatbots are really helpful because it saves them from the hectic of install the app of every business they want to interact with. SaaS model is going to be the top business model for B2B bots. Bots are helping more people to be productive including key persons of the large organizations.


The chatbots are going to take the shopping scenario to whole new level because the conversational model is so easy that even a 9-year-old will be able to buy clothes. On the other hand, web interface or app interface gets are a little tricky for people who are not used to them. A specification is a virtue for customers, giving them what they really want is a smart tactic. These intelligent machines will dig up the best results and there will be exact and near exact replies from the bot.


Chatbots use a platform and that’s a plus they don’t consume storage space and it takes half the time to create a chatbot than it takes to develop an app. You can create your bot for half the price.

It is easier to raise the number of users of bots than to change the number of downloads. Since they are usually on such platforms that are already installed on your phones, there is actually no “energy consumption” involved.


Chatbots are opening new doors for online marketing. Conversation marketing is becoming the best alternative to those spammy email that really don’t work anymore. People are enjoying bots and it’s probably the best way to get in touch with your customers without alienating them and without flooding their spam folders with emails.
There are many more cases which AI is going to solve but these were the most basic. Chatbots and AI are here to stay for good. We should embrace this technology.

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