Chatbots VS Apps?

Since chatbots are all over the news and tech scenario, there are mumbles traveling around the tech industry that they are going to replace applications. Are they? From booking Uber to building websites, chatbots are doing all the work. From the front side, it seems possible but from the rear side, it makes us question their potential and the factors.


Chatbots can easily help businesses to grow, they are really good at evolving and the best part is that they become jack-of-all-trades at times. Apps don’t allow this. If you want to ride Uber and want to listen to some good music, there are two different apps. The downloading of apps seems like a hectic at the other side, the tedium task of downloading, installing and signing up is losing its importance. If you are getting everything under one roof, why would you go with different mediums?


Sometimes, to be precise, in some specific sectors, chatbots are lacking and apps win. Especially e-commerce industry, people find it easy to buy their things with the help of apps and web because it avoids the whole hectic of typing and the buyer wouldn’t get to see many options available.


Simpler user experience is what bots have to offer since there are 5 apps for 5 different tasks and chatbots provide all those things right there. The most important factor is that there is no downloading at all, applications consume time and space while on the other hand, chatbots don’t because they are available in the already downloaded messaging platforms like Kik, Facebook, Slack etc.


Bots are a whole lot cheaper than apps. Small businesses, surviving for their online mark and who want to facilitate their customers and attract unique visitors, chatbots are the best option for them because they are a lot cheaper than apps. They are even easier to make you can easily create a chatbot nowadays, there are a lot of platforms offering chatbot creation. Apps require high expertise and coding knowledge, bots don’t require this much expertise.
Apps are hard to maintain while bots just require updating of their scripts (If ML and NLP are not involved in the process). Even developers have started choosing chatbots over apps because they find this task of developing and maintaining apps cumbersome.

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