Chatbots: What's Next?

We are living in the era where science fiction has become a reality. We have machines to work for us and we have artificial intelligence as well. But, have you ever thought about the future of the future? How the bot scenario will excel? People find it easy to connect with bots than apps and indeed, they are easy to connect with and create as well. Bots have their space inside the Messenger apps but soon they’ll have places of their own. There are chances that there will be a master bot who will be able to handle all your daily tasks efficiently. Think about this, just one bot and 10 apps replaced. Excited?


Nothing will be unreachable at that time. Bots with have the superscripts programmed in them and they’ll know where to look for your favourite sausage. It will search for the desired product and it will make payments. Easy, no?


Just like the website building platform we have, an AI-powered chatbot creating websites for you will there be a chatbot making chatbots? Or there might be a chatbot tutor as well, teaching you how to create chatbots yourself. It will open new doors towards for artificial intelligence and machine learning. If they can learn to create chatbots themselves, they’ll make the new versions more efficient.


Smart appliances are getting their fair share of limelight and it will continue happening because it is possible to incorporate artificial intelligence in them. You can send a text to your bot and it will set the temperature of your house to 72. Your intelligence fridge will ping you and remind you that you ran out of eggs and who knows if you’ll be able to let order them online for you.


Consulting business will reach new heights. Whether it is a psychology consultancy or legal. You won’t have to waste hours in reading relevant blogs and the parts you connect to. Instead for going through thousands of links, you’ll simply talk to a chatbot expert in that area and you’ll get the exact and right answers for you. Problem solved?


Chatbots are here to help us and lessen the burden we have on our shoulders every day, the burden of performing these basic tasks that somehow stop us and distract us from doing what’s more important. With chatbots having, excelled in these fields, there will be a lot of ease for us.

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