Things To Keep in Mind Before Creating Your Own Chatbot

The reason of this chatbot revolution is that we have always wanted our machine to talk to us while performing our tasks. It is pretty easy to depend on bots because they are efficient and fun to talk to. Having bots in your life makes tasks less of a hectic. We are on the verge of saying goodbye to apps because we have stepped into the bot era where everything is automated and every task is completed with a witty conversation. Though, creating a chatbot can be tricky and requires focus but once it’s done, congratulations! You have a difference.

If you have no coding skills then choosing the right bot builder for your business is a tough job because you never know what are you going to get and how “easy” it’s going to be. Every chatbot builder sells you “build it yourself” pitch but it gets a little hard as you proceed with your idea of making a bot. Every business needs an online presence? It’s so 2011! Now, Every need business needs a chatbot! It is not justified to just give your business an online presence with just images and videos. The chatbot building industry is in its developmental stage. A lot has to be done and a lot has been done. AI is being introduced in this sector as well. But, AI chatbots are no child’s play. It requires dedication and hard work to develop an AI integrated chatbot. Even if you are not making an AI chatbot and it’s just a scripted one there are still some things you might wanna know before getting started.

The most important thing is to keep your mind clear about what type of bot you are going to create. Is it going to be a customer service one? Just a chatterbot? Or a task bot? Once you have cleared this in your mind, you can proceed.

If you already have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with web design, web programming, and database management, there is a chance that you have to know about how to start creating a bot. If you decide to take the most difficult route and host your bot yourself, then you might have made a good decision because it allows you  to control every aspect of your while online platform hosting requires no coding skills but it have limited options and there’s not much customization to do with your bot.

The important to add in your bot is wit. Your bot should be interactive because real humans will be talking to your bot and what do they want? They want to talk to someone like them. So, work on other replies rather than those “I’m sorry I don’t understand this” ones.

Naming has got a lot to do with products. A good name sells. Think of a good name for your bot a name that defines its personality and its unique qualities. It should not be too long. Long names don’t work usually.

Once you’ve created your bot and it's ready to publish, you’ll be having some grand feelings. This is what creation does to us. It makes us feel good. Double check the human interaction part again before publishing your bot. It is the most important one.

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